David Hay

Although David Hay might be better known as one of Australia’s finest cooks, he started his career as an interior designer and still continues to do occasional assignments, time and interest permitting. This of course is an explanation of the style and elegance of the Thorn Park properties, and it is his ability to pitch style, elegance and comfort in unique and original ways that makes Thorn Park properties so highly sought after.

A self–taught cook David’s love of fresh regional produce has deeply influenced his cooking style, but it is the learning experience of travel that has continuously enriched and embellished the offerings from his kitchen and his cooking classes.

Many great chefs/cooks struggle to communicate their knowledge to other cooks, but David’s classes are as much fun as they are educational. A common sense approach to cooking, combined with extensive dining experience both in Australia and overseas has provided a broad scope of cuisines to choose from and his personal inquisitiveness and skill has seen him master many cuisines.

After a long and refreshing holiday in Europe David is bursting with new ideas to bring to their dining table and cooking classes. The program for 2009 will be launched in January 2009 and available from news and events, or you can subscribe to our newsletter

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